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Welcome to Smithfield Village Early Learning. We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to experience the great outdoors; it's an integral part of growing up. Acting upon our beliefs, we opened this child care centre for Smithfield locals in 2014. The response was overwhelming!

Our unique and inspiring environment allows many opportunities for our children to grow, learn and develop. This privately owned and operated child care centre has the state of art facilities providing premium quality care for your children. We have gone beyond standard toy rooms and outdoor play equipment, carefully designing complete experiences that engage and excite little ones whilst beginning to teach them important life skills. Whether they're caring for the animals in our barn yard or using the latest educational technology in our kindergarten classrooms, your child will thrive at Smithfield Village Early Learning. The outdoor environment offers the children to explore and reconnect to their natural environment. The outdoor enviornment offers the children choices while they connect. The outdoor environment has a fully operational Barnyard with Goats, chickens, ducks,  Guinea pigs reptiles and a  wide range of bird species. The children have a hands on experience with the animals where thhe children visit the animals on a daily basis to conenct with the animals and educates the children how to care for the animals and gives the children responsibility when owning a pet. The children feed the animals daily and change their water. The children have a strong conenction with the Garden World, the Garden World is a space where the children plant, water and harvest the variety of crops and herbs. The cildern harvest the crops as they are ready and they are used for the daily menus.

The Centre provides all meals which use all fresh produce and all food is planned by scratch, the menus are altered as the children's taste buds change.

Our indoor learning environments are complemented with a neutral colour palette, while the outdoor surroundings combine a mixture of natural and synthetic. This enables each child to evolve at their own pace in a stimulating care environment. Each environment is supervised by passionate and highly qualified team members who are dedicated to helping children make the most of their time with us.

We are licensed for 126 full time day care placements for children aged between 6 weeks to 6 years. We happily look after children from around the suburb as well as surrounding areas.

For more information on our Smithfield Village Child Care Centre, contact us.

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