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Welcome to Smithfield Village Early Learning

The best outdoor learning environment

Bringing back the wildhood for kids!

We know the first five years of a child’s life are crucial and selecting a high-quality childcare is a big decision for mums and dads.

From the moment you arrive at Smithfield Village Early Learning you can see why we’re different.

With a focus on real play our unique approach and state of the art facilities find a balance between education, care, play and wildhood.

It’s about creating an environment where children thrive, where they can wander, be left alone for more than five minutes, sleep in a tent or on the ground and stare at the stars past their bedtime.

Our early learning facility is complete with four sand pits, two large bike tracks, a waterpark, a large grassy area for children to run around in, a barnyard, which is home to goats, chickens, ducks, guinea pigs and reptiles!

We also have a wide range of bird species and a garden where children learn how to plant, tend to and eat a variety of herbs and vegetables!

It’s invaluable to offer a child that kind of positive experience and we strive to create fun environments that also challenge children’s mindsets – some centres may have a pet gold fish but at our centres we go that little bit further!

Kids want their wildhood back, they want to play for real not have play dates, they want to get dirty not sanitised, they want parents to trade in their parenting books for a fishing rod or camping gear.

We go beyond standard toy rooms and outdoor play equipment, carefully designing complete experiences that engage and excite little ones whilst beginning to teach them important life skills.

Backed by more than 20 years experience owner and childcare expert John Wall has assisted over 400 owners and investors to date in managing their childcare centres effectively.

It really does take a village to raise a child!


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Nothing is more important than your child's care.