Outdoor Play Areas

It’s safe to say that our outdoor play areas are like no other! The purpose build areas are designed with a combination of natural and manmade materials, allowing the children to experience all the elements.


We have four sand pits, two large bike tracks, a waterpark, construction area for obstacle courses, dry creek beds surrounded with fruit trees and natives to encourage wild life.

Our outdoor area has large grassed play areas so children can run and use their imagination to create their own games.

We have spacious verandas which allow children to engage in art activities or just enjoy some quiet time on the large outdoor cushions.

The children also get to experience the Construction Zone where the children are provided with dirt, hard hats, shovels, plumbing pipes where they explore the world of getting dirty and grubby.

Another important part of our outdoor area is our barnyard, which has been specially designed to cater for our chickens, goats and ducks.

We also have a large aviary, with all hand raised birds so the children can be involved in their care. The children also learn about the reptiles. At Smithfield we have Bluey the Blue Tongue Lizard, Spike the Bearded Dragon and Monte the Children's Python.

Children are encouraged to participate in the maintaining of animals which includes preparing food, collecting eggs, feeding and basic cleaning.

We are also big on sustainability here at Smithfield Village and produce a variety of veggies and herbs in our Garden World! These are harvested by the children and used in the fresh meals served each day!